How do I name this compound?

K C(2) H(3) O(2)

Please don't just give me an answer, I need to know how to do it for my upcoming test.

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  • Sara S
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    1 decade ago
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    I know that I used to know this years ago when I was in chemistry. C2H3O2 is acetate. That was one of the things that we had to memorize. I can't remember why or how that that is what it's called. And K is Potassium. So, your answer is Potassium Acetate....I'm sorry that I couldn't be more help. Good luck on your test!

  • 1 decade ago

    I recommend memorizing your ions and their charges. One of the ions you should definitely know is acetate, C2H3O2¯. A list of ions can be found at the following web address: Only refer to page one. Once you know your ions and their charges, you will easily be able to name them, especially when paired with something simple like potassium (K+). Good luck on your test!

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