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sec fans come look at this data?

how come the conference with the most "parity" has not had a team from the bottom win the confrence [vandy, usc, miss ,miss st, arkansas, kentucky] since 1963

maybe that's why they have 5to6 10 win teams every year

because they inflate their records with bad nonconference schedules (hello sun belt) and then beat the bottom teams in their conference

the pac 10 is where it's at


the sec sure looked like the best conference when ut lost to cal

Update 2:

give me an argument why the sec is the best

these facts are indisputable

Update 3:

oregon state is not horrible 9-4 10-4 last two years and asu is not mediocre 10-3 last year just because a team does not play in the south does not mean they are bad

Update 4:

idiot i am a ducks fan not a usc bandwagoner

of course you would know that if you could and were not an illiterate southerner

Update 5:

edit if you could READ and were not an illiterate southerner

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    i'll name the sec top teams and u name the pac 10 top teams and we'll compare ok???


    I WON'T INCLUDE ALABAMA OR ARKANSAS OR TENNESSEE since they have been ''average'' sec teams recently.. but if you'd like to compare BAMA,ARKANSAS OR TENNESSEE with your ''mid-level'' teams from the all mighty pac 10 i'll be up for that as well... other than usc i would like to know 1 consistent program from the pac 10 that is towards the top every year...

    The reason the SEC is always said to be the best conference is because pretty much on any given year we have 4-6 teams that could go compete if not win anyother conference out there... and we'll take usc for instance since you're obv on the usc wagon if usc had to play say georgia florida auburn lsu every year, u honestly think they'd have the win #'s they do? when your ''best in conference team'' loses to STANFORD why do you even open your mouth in these discussions .......................... seriously......................

    usc's ''monster schedule this year''

    Aug. 30, 2008 at Virginia - will be horrible this year

    Sept. 13, 2008 Ohio State - good team but over-rated(usual)

    Sept. 25, 2008 at Oregon State - always horrible

    Oct. 4, 2008 Oregon - nowhere near as good as last year

    Oct. 11, 2008 Arizona State - mediocre

    Oct. 18, 2008 at Wash. St. awful (per the norm)

    Oct. 25, 2008 at Arizona - they have football???

    Nov. 1, 2008 Washington - they shouldnt have football

    Nov. 8, 2008 California - what happened last year?

    Nov. 15, 2008 at Stanford - apparently better than usc LOL

    Nov. 29, 2008 Notre Dame - needs rudy BADLY

    Dec. 6, 2008 at UCLA - will probably be a decent team this year with 8 or so wins maybe 9

    how is that a hard schedule at all??? and dont give me that ''oh we scheduled ohio state so we have a very strong schedule b.s.'' ohio state loses to the sec everytime they play us

    also 1 other thing is why is ur argument about cal beating tennessee (barely) at cal??? tennessee was im pretty sure we can all agree maybe the 4th or 5th best sec team last year right?

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    Actually thats a good question and the SEC confrence has had nothing but Bullcrap luck in the past few years. Everyone knows that if it wasnt the way last year ended the SEC conference wouldnt had anyone playing for the title, for christs sake a bunch of seniors beating up on a bunch of kids just out of highschool and they bragging, then have teams from the Big east stomp on their asses. I laugh my *** off evrytime I see SEC make fun of Ohio State. Well Kentucky has a hard time recruiting because neighbors such as Tenn

    and Ohio St likes to take the states top players away, Vanderbilt has too tough of a academic qualifications to get top prospects plus having to battle Tenn for players and S. Carolina borders Georgia , Georgia Tech along with Clemson and the Florida teams to compete with for top prospects from home. These teams suffer due to tough recruitng. Same for the Miss schools, better players usually bolt for Aurburn or Alabama and other closer SEC schools.

    PAC 10, well that conference is a tough conference and the parity is there I always respected the Pac 10.

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    You have NOOOOOO brain. How many times in the last 50 years has the Pac-10 ever had 5 or 6 ten win teams??? And how competetive is the Pac-10 exactly. It's like USC and a bunch of schools that no one has ever heard of, like UW, WSU, Cal etc... The SEC whups *** on the Pac-10 every year, so don't be a whiny ***** and try and drag college football's BEST conference through the mud just 'cause your upset. God, what a dumb question.

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    the sec is the toughest and best conference there is ....


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    SEC fan here. This is a shock to me. PAC is where it;s at, you have swayed me.

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