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what red carpet famous people suffer from brain cancer?

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    Ahmed al-Rubei - Kuwaiti Politician

    Lyle Alzado - Football Player

    Lee Atwater - Chairman, Republican National Committee

    James Batten - CEO, Knight Ridder Newspapers

    Mollie Beattie - Director, US Fish and Wildlife Services

    John Buttera - Hot Rod Designer

    Dan Duva - Boxing Promoter

    Don Fusilli - CEO of Michael Baker Corp.

    George Gershwin - Composer

    Tim Gullikson - Pete Sampras' Tennis Coach

    Scott Hafeman - Golf pro

    Bruce Henderson - Imation CEO

    Craig "Ironhead" Heyward - NFL fullback

    Dick Howser - Manager, Kansas City Royals

    Reginald Lewis - CEO, TLC Beatrice

    Bob Marley - Reggae Singer

    Frank Edward "Tug" McGraw - Baseball Player

    Robert McNair - SC Governor

    Ryan Larkin - Oscar-nominated Animator

    David McDonald - Actor ("What's Love Got to Do with It")

    Greg Morris - Actor (Mission Impossible)

    Bobby Murcer - New York Yankees' Announcer

    Joseph Gober Nazel Jr. - Journalist & Biographer

    Megan O'Connell - Model

    Bob O'Connor (CNS Lymphoma) - Pittsburgh Mayor

    Pat Paulsen - Comedian

    Slim Pickens - Actor

    Pete Rozelle - NFL Commissioner

    Dan Quisenberry - Pitcher, Kansas City Royals

    Wilma Rudolph - Olympic Gold Medalist

    Gene Siskel - Movie Critic

    Deke Slayton - Astronaut

    Dawn Steele - Movie Studio Executive

    Annette Strauss - Former Dallas Mayor

    Jan Streeter - Wife of NH Mayor Bernie Streeter

    Robert Swanson - Founder of Genentech

    Mike Synar - US Congressman

    Michael Walsh - CEO, Tenneco

    Eric Wolf - Arpanet developer

    others currently fighting brain cancer are:

    Senetor Ted Kennedy

    Allen Shellenberger - Lit’s Drummer

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    Famous People With Brain Cancer

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