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Fatal Car Crashes???

i need stories of 5 fatal car crashes. i need to kno like a summary, what casued it, and how it could of been avoided. any help would be appreciated.!

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    my friend died in a car accident about 2 years ago. he was going to fast around a turn and lost control. because of that, he hit an embackment and the truck caught fire. he and his passenger were pulled out by some people that lived nearby. the passenger survived, but matt died at the hospital.

    it could have been avoided if matt would have slowed down!


    I just thought of another one that was on the news a few days ago. A mother was driving her minivan home to pick up her 13 year old at the bus stop. She was running late, so she didn't bother to put her 1 year old in a car seat. She came to a stop sign and tried to outrun a school bus that did not have a stop sign at the intersection. The bus hit her van, and the child died. The child's life could've been saved by having him in a proper car seat, and the accident could've been prevented by waiting the 5 seconds for the bus to go through the intersection.

    Here's another one... my friend didn't die, but the police and emergency services said it was only a miricle she wasn't killed in this crash. She was coming off of a double shift at work (shes a CNA at a hospital) and fell asleep at the wheel. She hit a parked car, then a tree, then a house. Her car was demolished and by all accounts she should've died. The accident could have been prevented if she would've called for a ride home, or took a quick nap in the nurse's lounge or on call room.

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    An almost fatal crash happened to a few friends. Two 17 year old twins and a 13 year old daughter and a 16 year old daughter all sisters were traveling in a 2006 GMC Sierra Extended Pick Up, the driver was driving fast and atleast 20 miles over the speed limit. The car hit a curb and a rail and flipped 3 times.. 7 teens in the crash total and the car was totaled and almost fatal. one teen is now paralyzed, another living with injurys. Poor girls.

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