Another difficult u.s. history thang... I THINK??

What new deal program provided financial help to the disabled and elderly??

What does the FDIC do??

What did the Tennessee Valley Authority do??

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    A. I don't know, sorry.

    B. The FDIC is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It was founded to federally insure bank deposits, assuring depositors that they would not loose their savings, (up to a certain dollar limit), in the event that their bank failed i.e., went bankrupt.

    C. The Tennessee Valley Authority, ("TVA"), was founded to finance and manage a huge series of public works that would construct a number of hydroelectric dams on the Tennessee River and its tributaries, and deliver the electricity those dams produced to consumers in the region. Effectively, TVA helped to develop a region that was previously quite poor and undeveloped.

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