AR-15 vs. M1A?

I'm looking for a new rifle and I'm looking to use it for more than one purpose. I want to be able to hunt coyote, target shoot, and possibly use it for home defense. I've narrowed my choices down to a...

m1a with either an eotech+magnifier or scope or,

ar15 with the eotech and magnifier.

I know the m1a is more accurate at longer ranges but I don't think I need that much distance for coyote. What do you think I should buy?(Base decisions on an unlimited budget).

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    Both the M1A and the AR-15 type rifles can be equally accurate at long ranges. It depends upon the rifle configuration, the ammunition and the shooter.

    The M1A is more versatile, because the 7.62x51mmNATO/.308Winchester cartridge can be used to hunt large game. There are increased costs associated with this capability though. The rifle & ammunition are heavier to carry and generally cost more to purchase.

    The AR-15 rifle is more economical to shoot. With the right .223 Remington ammunition, it is capable of taking small to medium game animals.

    There are variants of the AR-15 which shoot cartridges other than the typical 5.56x45mmNATO/.223Remington chambering. The variant cartridges include 7.62x39mmSoviet, 6.8mmSPC and 6.5mmGrendel. The 6.5mmGrendel is considered the most effective of the variants I mentioned. There are other cartridge chamberings available if a person cares to spend the money. By replacing the upper receiver assembly, a different AR-15 variant cartridge could be selected for use. While the AR-15 variants are nice, unless a person selects 7.62x39mmSoviet chamberings, they may suffer increased costs to purchase ammunition.

    Eotech makes some quality products. I'm sure you'll find one that will suit your needs.

    Armalite and DPMS make AR-styled rifles which can chamber the 7.62x51NATO/.308Winchester cartridges.

    This option may interest you.

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    1 decade ago

    I would get the M1a due to the bullet size. A larger round is more stable in flight, more powerful and less affected by wind, brush or other factors that will deflect other smaller rounds. The M1a is used in the military as a sniper weapon with great effect. You hit something or someone with a ar15 they or it might be able to away or still attack. You hit someone with an M1a round and they will go down! They last and greatest difference between an ar 15 vs M1a rifle is the amount of cleaning needed for the ar15. The ar 15 is nothing more than a tuned down m16 with all of the m16 reliability issues. Hate to say it but if you don't clean an ar 15/m16 regularly (i.e. after every use) it will build up gunk around the bolt carrier and the jams will start. I believe the M1a to be a stronger more stable rifle than the ar 15 for both target shooting, home defense and certainly hunting.


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    I own both. The mini 14 is pretty much equal to the AR-15 as of right now. Some people will disagree but they're close. The AR-15 has more adaptability options but the mini 14 will be more reliable. Like any gas gun the AR-15 is more accurate but a new mini-14 will hit a 4" plate at 250yds which is good enough for me. Despite what you've said, the AR-15 is a LOT easier to strip than the mini-14. Unlike a Garand or M1A the Mini14 has really right tolerances in the trigger group and the trigger guard (for me) has been really troublesome to get off. I like the mini14 ergonomics slightly better (besides the magazine) but the AR magazine system is better. Also Mini 14 mags have come a long way, I have nothing but triple K mags that cost $18 a piece and run fine. However despite what you've said, the AR-15 is a LOT easier to strip than the mini-14. Unlike a Garand or M1A the Mini14 has really right tolerances in the trigger group and the trigger guard (for me) has been really troublesome to get off.

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    Given a choice, I'd take the M1A any day, but that's just due to my preference. The 30.06 round is heavier and doesn't lose it's energy as fast, meaning it will be more accurate at longer distances and hold it's trajectory better in a stiff crosswind. Also, compare the bullet drop between 300 yards and 400 yards. You'll find a radical difference, which means your range estimation has little margin for error with the lighter .223 round.

    Here's the clincher, though. If your objective in hunting coyotes is to have a pelt, the .223 round will deliver a humane kill without destroying the hide, making it a better choice. And, if you're going to do a lot of target shooting, the .223 ammunition is much cheaper.

    I'm not sure either is appropriate for home defense unless you live in a very rural area. Either round will penetrate numerous walls, both yours and your neighbor's.

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    For home defense DO NOT use and AR15 or an M1.... In the rare chance you would have to use deadly force - a rifle like that to defend yourself or your family would probably get the attention of some overzealous cop or DA.... A grand jury hearing would be held to see if charges should be brought against you... Of course the District Attorney will hold this AR15 rifle up in front of a jury to make his case you really wanted to kill someone. Thats not what you want....... Use a polite looking rifle for home defense.... A nice wood stock Ruger Mini 14 would be fine. To the untrained eye it looks like a harmless .22 ---- Also consider a 12 gauge shotgun, NO NOT the tactical special either... Mossberg has a shotgun with a nice wood stock that accepts an 18 1/2 inch barrel -- To the untrained eye it looks like grandpa's old hunting gun.... WHAT I'M really trying to say is own more than 1 firearm - One for hunting and one for home defense..... I personaly own AR15's and tactical shotguns. They are absolutely the LAST gun I would pull out on some fool trying to do a home invasion.... My Mossberg 500 Persuader is plenty to handle the situation and doesnt give the crazy gun nut look that some cops might perceive if you use something else........... ------ Hunt and target shoot? Use either .223 or a rifle chambered in .308. These are popular cartridges that have one advantage over other cartridges. PRICE! Both of these rounds can be had in bulk at really decent prices.... SEE the below cartridge info and bulk ammo pages..... GUN? Rock River Arms AR15 with a varmint barrel............

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    Okay, for all those answers that say a .223 can match up against a .308 have lost their minds. Really, the M1A1 is superior to the AR15 in every way. Go to any 1000 yard match and you will find the firing line full of M1A1's , M1 Garands, & FNFAL's. You may see a few AR15's, but they won't be in the winner's circle very often. The M1A1 is the one for me, but go get a 12 gage for home defense. A rifle just isn't made for that job. Hunting ,yes, but close quarters work, no

    I hope this helps

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    you would be surprised on how accurate the Ar is I still cant find a distance which I can see and not be able to hit. I have seen people hitting targets over 700 yards constantly, so it really depends on the shooter. the Ar holds a lot more bullets and is a more all purpose gun

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    1 decade ago

    I would go for the AR with the 6.8 spc round. Its just I would do-and might do!

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