Ninteno Wi-Fi error code 52003 Please help!?

I bought a USB WiFi connector today and i have tried everything in my power to get it to work and it just won't!

Ive installed the cd properly and i've granted permission to connect on the registration tools but when it conducts the test on my DS it just comes up saying..

' Unable to obtain ip addres. Confirm that the Nintendo WiFi USB is functioning properly'

Please help !! I've been trying all evening to get this working and i'm so stressed !!!

Thnk youuuu.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you using any sort of anti-virus or firewall software on your computer? If so, it is likely the program is interfering with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. You may want to try and lower the security settings or even uninstall the program*, as they could be interfering with a successful connection. How to do this will vary brand and model, so consult the manual or the manufacturer of your router or modem for assistance.

    go to for more information. This seems to likely be the problem.

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  • 3 years ago

    possibly you get carry of too far out of your on the spot router yet when your playing a pastime and it unexpectedly disconects you've gotten some technical dificulties attempt making effective you position the WEP key correct

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