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Why do police zig zag through traffic and follow each car for awhile?

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    usually they are trying to panic criminals... .by following someone for bit they are watching to see if he does something odd... run away take off etc... most of the hardened criminals they catch are caught in simple traffic violations.

    kinda like a hunting dog barking at tall grass.. just seeing what flies out

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    Parking on double yellow lines or zig zags would have to be justified by the officer doing it. We are not above the law. However, if an officer thought it appropriate to stop in such an area then they would be subject to the same laws as everyone else. if they were prosecuted then their justification would be looked at in the same way as yours would if you had committed the offence. However, common sense must prevail. If an officer attended a report of someone being stabbed or another emergency and had to park on zig zags then this would obviously be justified.

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    Is this a serious question or are you just bored? Maybe they dont want another innocent family to be destroyed by a stupid-*** drunk driver. Or maybe they are scanning your tags to make sure YOUR car hasn't been stolen. I know, what an unbelievable concept to you people. I have had my license suspended numerous times for speeding tickets, and that is somehow the police officers fault?

    If police serve no purpose other than harass you, I consider you NOT calling 911 next time somebody is breaking into your house, threating you harm, or dealing drugs in your neighborhood.

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    First of all they are not following each and every car. If you read the driving laws of your state which will be the same in every state, it will say that you are not supposed to drive in the fast lane unless you are passing other drivers. In the state of Kentucky there are signs that stipulate to not drive in the fast lane unless you are passing another vehicle. Second the police have the right to drive in the fast lane to keep themselves from getting trapped in traffic and thus preventing them from possibly stopping a vehicle that might be putting other drivers around in danger.

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    I've never seen anyone do that actually....but I would assume because they are looking for someone they may have received a call about. Either that or they are trying to get somewhere quickly. Just because their lights are not on doesn't mean they are not on there way to a call.

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    If it is the highway patrol doing this on the highway, then it is called a traffic break.

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    They may be going to a call for service together, and they are merely following one another.

  • B/C THEY CAN...

    oh n yah there scanning license plates just to make sure the car ur driving isnt STOLEN

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    cause cops are gay

    instead of following traffic, they should be solving real crimes... like what happened to that last sprinkled donut.

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    Profiling & checking tags....

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