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Cavalier K C Spaniels?

hi i am trying to find a breeder who is likely to have a pup for sale in november, i will be finishing work end of oct for the season, and will have lots of time to devote to a new addition to our family.

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    You likely wont find one on here, search for breed clubs and the AKC`s website. Most good breeders will have waiting lists so getting one in November shouldnt be a problem. You may already know this breed has had a lot of health issues neuro-spinal condition that is causing 3% to be euthanized. 100% of the breed has the Chiari Malformation that predisposes them to this condition called Syringomyelia, and ~ 70% are assymptomatic carriers. You really need to be supporting breeders who are using MRI scans on their breeding dogs and getting CM/SM gradings from a neurologist . . . and then of course they also need heart/eye/knee and hip clearances. They can also suffer from a heart codition called mitral valve disease. Really research the breeder and avoid heart ache. They can be great dogs if given the chance

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