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Port forwarding two routers?

I have my motorola SBG900 which has internet access threw b-band Cable connect.. The motorola has a LAN line going to my linksys WRT54G wireless router , then have two computers hard lined to the linksys router with LAN cables. and two wireless computers which can either be on the wireless motorola or the wireless linksys, With that aside I'm trying to port forward one of my hardlined The problem I'm having is the ip linksys gives me start at192.168.1.100 which means I have to port forward my machine which happens to be ..Easy. done.. BUT Going into the motorola router to port forward my machine on it does not work because it only lets me port forward 192.168.0.ANYTHINGHERE as in I can't change the 0 to the 1 to make mine work, because the motorola is on I know it's possible, But I'm kind of a newbie in networking. can anyone help? I've tried changing the LIA in linksys to 0 like motorola but then no net, and i cant even access motorola!=[

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    Change one of the routers to 'Bridged' and use it like a hub / switch.

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    ok. abandon this mind-set. Its now unlikely to artwork. the following is what you do. turn off DHCP server contained in the 2d router. Plug your DSL cable into between the LAN ports (not the web OR WAN PORT). Do all of your forwarding contained in the modem. actually you're turning your modem right into a swap. Double routers is amazingly undesirable

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    why do you need 2 routers? just use the linksys....

    are you using cross over cable between routers?

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