guild wars help?

in guild wars do you have to buy all the games to play? Also, what is the best one to buy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are 4 games.

    Guild Wars

    Guild Wars Factions

    Guild Wars Nightfall

    Guild Wars Eye of the North

    You do not need to buy them all to play. You can play any of them individually except Eye of the North, which you need the original Guild Wars to play. I would suggest getting the original Guild Wars because it is the biggest of them all, and if you like it a lot you can then buy the expansion Eye of the North so that you can play more missions from that area.

    Guild Wars/EotN has the same world, but Factions and Nightfall have their own seperate world. So my suggestion would be if you were to play GW, buy original GW, then once you finish or like that buy EotN. Then once you've had enough of those get Factions, and then get Nightfall.

    The thing is each game that you buy also lets you create different classes to play as. If you did buy them all right now you would be able to pick from every class in GW to play in any of the games. But if you only buy one or a few then you are limited in what classes you are able to pick.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have to have the first one to play. The others are expansion packs called 'chapters'. When you buy those, you essentially add them to your account and it extends the realms of playability. There's a page at wiki that tells a bit more in detail, but still readable.

    Also, this is from my own experience having played GW, I bought the first one and my friend added onto his with expansions.

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