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Will "Redbox" soon take over all movie stores?

Ok, the Iggle Video at my Giant Eagle has been taken out, and now we have this new thing called "Redbox" I like it a lot better, it's more convienent, and cheap. What do you think about it? Will it take over all movie stores?

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    I hope not......sometimes I feel like watching something that is older, or "art house" or harder to find....Red Box has none of those things....only the newest titles.

    The convenience is nice and all, but it is not very convenient if they don't have what I am looking for.

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    Redbox has taken the 'video store' out of our lives. I love it. I mean, come on, what could be more convenient? You can do your shopping, get a movie for $1 per night, and take it back whenever you want. Plus, we have four Redboxes in our city, so wherever we are, we can take the movie back... No need to make a special trip!

    Oh yeah, we can also rent from the Redbox online. We look up the Redboxes in our area and see which one has the movie we want, then we rent it online and it's waiting there for us to pick it up. We never go after a movie and waste a trip finding out that it's not there!

    One downside to it, though, is that certain movies are only being rented at Blockbuster. Recently I recall The Mist was like that. We didn't go to Blockbuster though... We just paid the extra $10 and bought it outright.

    Hey, the person below who said about first dibs on new releases... So true! Three of our Redboxes are located inside 24-hour grocery stores. I go really early in the morning on Tuesdays to get the new releases. Never have to wait to see them!

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    The preview is available on Yahoo movies. Stars Jason Lee from "My Name is Earl" as Dave Seville. Lots of computer-generated chipmunk lowbrow jokes. Waiting for reviews.

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    it could. i love the red box. specially Mondays nights at my 24hr wal-mart. first debs on new release Tues

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    Not for me.....I prefer the online movie rental services.

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    it should i always rent movies from there

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    Yes, that is the plan!!

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