Why doesn't my toilet flush completely?

All of a sudden my toilet doesn't flush completely. When I flush, the bowl fills up and then drains, but not completely (gets to about where the siphon jet is and then you hear a gurlge). I tried pouring 2 gal. of water in the toilet and the water drained to about the same place (siphon jet). Could it be that something is wrong with the vent? If there is something wrong with the vent, would I start to smell the sewer gases?

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    Sounds like a clog. Plunging probably won't help. Try flushing down some laundry soap (not too much) and waiting a while. If that doesn't work, you'll have to buy or borrow a closet auger to clear the drain. A regular snake won't work.

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    My answer is only pertinent if you live in a new house or this commode is over a crawl-space or possibly on the second floor. It is a rare problem but you may have back-fall in the drain after your toilet. This can occur when there is a "belly" in the drain pipe and the flushed water is forced to travel uphill. The water can travel uphill for the most part buy solids tend to stay in the belly and can backwash into the toilet. If the pipe is in a concrete slab, a plumber can check the problem with a camera. If you can access the pipe from a basement or crawl space you should be able to see the belly or negative fall. I have also seen a condition where there was doughnut shaped object (toy ring or bracelet) lodged in the toilet. A snake would go right through it but other things would get caught.

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    Sounds blocked to me. Check that no drains are blocked ouside first . Do this by looking for a grate outside that your sink, bathtub or laundry tub might be running to. If water is overflowing from this it is drains that are blocked. If not it will be the toilet that is blocked.

    Please DO NOT put chemicals down. I generally will not work on drains that people have put chemicals down or need to use protective gear before we start. We don't carry protective gear in our vehicles as the vehicles are only so big and we can't get everything we may need in. It is always safer to use a plumber for this as they have access to equipment that they know how to operate.

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    do u try to plunge it? could be clogged

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