How much does it cost to reprogram your car?

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The guys at World Car told me that I needed to reprogram my car, so that will cost me an additional $210. There is a lot of fuel clogged up in my car because we haven't used it more
Update : Sorry, 1998 Isuzu Rodeo!
Update 2: Well, does draining the oil and reprogramming the ECU (because of the new more
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Unless you have a high performance car with after market programmable ECU, factory stock ECU cannot be reprogrammed. So either you misunderstood or he (the mechanic) is trying to simplify something to you. I am giving the mechanic the benefit of doubt that he is NOT trying to screw you.

Good Luck...

P.S. back in 1988, they didn't used often (or ever) use programmable ECU in cars.

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Thank you for the tip.
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  • uthockey32 answered 6 years ago
    Sounds to me like they are selling you air. Why have you not driven the car? If you just parked it, with no problem, then chances are you just need to drain the old fuel and run some injection cleaner. If your car had a problem before and now your trying to fix it maybe it needs some electrical work.
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  • Pedro S answered 6 years ago
    sounds fishy to me
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