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Questions about the factors affecting drug use?

please help, I'm not sure about this -

How could the environment in which you live in influence drug taking?

Why should factors such as physical size and age be considered before taking drugs?

In what family structures are drug used?

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    Drug use is a very complex topic and should be faced without particular generalisation.

    Drug use can be separated into two main categories:

    Habitual and recreational

    Habitual drug use can stem from recreational use in cases where the user is under stress or needs some form of escape from everyday life. Someone in a high-stress job or in a broken family is at higher risk of making the jump from recreational to habitual use than someone in a stable environment who is happy in their lives.

    Size and age are important factors as they will affect the effect, toxicity and dosage of the drugs in use.

    Drug use in families depends on the types and strengths of drugs used.

    Drugs such as cannabis are found throughout the social strata, whereas drugs like crack cocaine and heroin are more common in those family structures that are damaged or unstable as members of the family turn to drug use to escape the emotional problems they are faced with.

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