why do we need to apply warm compress on a surgical wound rather than cold compress?

why do we need to apply warm compress on a surgical wound rather than cold compress as a pain management??

state ur source pls.... urgent!

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    Hot therapy delivered through a warm/hot compress or mask helps break down and disintegrate bruising discolorations and provides moisture or dry heat to areas of discomfort. Hot therapy can also be soothing on sore facial tissues that have been tightened. You may use hot therapy on your bruises from days around days 2-3 post-op (upon your doctor's approval) provided your swelling is not too considerable. A compress is typically heated by boiling water, hot tap water or by heating in a microwave. Beyond using these compresses during recovery from a procedure, these hot compress products can be used to reduce swelling and bruising resulting from any type of injury. Additionally, these compresses are highly effective for puffy eyes treatment, alleviation of tired eyes and headaches, relief from clogged sinuses due to colds and allergies, and first aid for burns and trauma.

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    Most people respond better to warmth but for a few it causes pain. The information below is based on headaches but the principles carry over Massage the back, back of the neck, scratch lightly over the head. The tender spots are knots in the muscles the idea is to keep going over them periodically until they are gone. There is one other spot to hit - at the base of the skull where it connects to the spine press up and in to the count of 3 - 3 times to help relax the large group of muscles. 2 natural muscle relaxers are bananas and molasses - both contain magnisium that regulate many things in the body and potassium. The liquids should have NO sugar - quantity = your weight divided by 2 times ounces. Especially if this is frequent see a massage therapist. For more information on muscles read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies

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    I believe you are supposed to rotate, not just cold or warm. Also sometimes they tell you cold for 5 or 10 min, then warm the same amount of time, then nothing the same amount of time. Do you have dicharge papers? You may re-read to make sure, or even call the dr, or hospital. Good luck!

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