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ADVICE plz: I am trying to gain more mental and physical energy, but HEALTHY FOOD cost so much?

Even if I don't mind spending money. It is too difficult to refill my fridge and pantry with fresh fruit and vege.

Any suggestions? I don't care about the taste of food or lackthereof. I just need energy.

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    I don't know how old you are but fruits and vegables are not expensive, prepared meals are expensive like frozen dinners etc etc. Eating breakfast is very important, it will kick start your metabolism. When you skip breakfast and eat later in the day, that food will be stored as fat and slow your metabolism down.

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    I agree with pipman, fresh vegies and fruits are less expensive than pre-cooked/frozen foods. You just have to make the time to prepare a wholesome meal out of it. Also not only breakfast every meal is important if you want to be fit.

    On the term for getting energy try a bar of chocolate like mars or kitkat. That really helps. It also fulfills alot of your daily calorie needs. But if you do resort to eating chocolate everyday do not forget to excercise atleast 3 times a week. To gain energy you must go for a jog/ run or swim and do some light strength training. This must be gradually increased and should be done consistently to increase your stamina, which will lead you to have greter energy.

    Source(s): I play atleast 2 rounds of golf, run 16 km, swim 4 km in a week;also do stregth and muscle training 4 times a week and also go to work 6 days a week.
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    My favorite place to buy fruits and veggies is costco. They come in bulk for about the same price as the smaller portions you find in regular grocery stores. You can get a membership for $50 a year, and it is very worth it. If someone in your household has a membership, you can add yourself for free. The fruits and veggies are in nice shaped containers that easily sit side by side in your refrigerator.

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    buy discounted fruit, it sure help, at the end of the day.

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