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請給予我們更多資料是 你必須要擁有的証明書既文件由不同相關的部門提供給你們辦理有關退貨事宜,


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    If unfortunately, should there be a final decision in returning the goods to the related manufacturing country; you are required to provide us with more details about the documentation, which must be certified respectively by all the departments involved, as required. It will facilitate the process of returning the goods to its origin, the manufacturing country, more smoothly.

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    Please read as: ..........of returning the goods to the place of origin, the manufacturing country,

    more smoothly.


    ........................of returning the goods to ITS ORIGIN, .............

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    如果不幸地,最後的結果都是要退回貨物向有關的生產國,請給予我們更多資料是 你必須要擁有的証明書既文件由不同相關的部門提供給你們辦理有關退貨事宜,使從而順利把貨物退回往原產地的生產國。

    Should it be an unfortunate case regarding the final solution to have the product returned to the manufacturer of origin, please submit us some more information. You must secure the documents related to those certificates issued by various relevant departments to allow your act of product return be proceeded. As such, you can return the product to the manufacturer of origin properly.

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    生產國 - I assume it to be translated as manufacturer of origin, I don't know whether it is

    correct? If someone knows a better translation, please advise me, thanks!

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    If there is unfortunate situation where the products need to return to their originated country, please provide us certificates and documentations from various related departments on the product return process. So we can smoothly complete the return shipment back to originated country.

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