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什麼是unstandardized coefficients

SPSS跑出來的regression data中的unstandardized coefficients 及standardized coefficients 還有 B及Beta各是什麼意義,有人可以告訴我嗎?

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    SPSS跑出來的regression data中的 unstandardized coefficients 一欄中的 B 就是指迴歸係數。至於 standardized coefficients 一欄中的 Beta 是指把所有解釋變數與被解釋變數都標準化之後的迴歸結果。



    The estimates of the model coefficients 0 (intercept) and 1 (slope) are, respectively, 47.17 and 0.307. So the estimated model is :

    female life expectancy = 47.17 + 0.307 * female literacy

    But note the disjunction between the text and the table:

    In the table, 47.170 (intercept or constant) lies under the B heading--which itself lies under "Unstandardized Coefficients"

    Under that is the value .307, which is also under the B heading, althought it is the 1 coefficient.

    In the next column, headed "Standardized Coefficients," is the Beta value of .819 -- which is not mentioned in the model.

    The point is that the SPSS output is badly labeled, and you need to understand these points:

    Regardless of what SPSS says in its heading,

    interpret the constant as the intercept, which you learned as a.

    interpret the Unstandardized Coefficients under the B heading as the b coefficients

    Interpret the Standardized Coefficients, Beta, as the b cofficients for the same data--

    after all the independent variables and dependents variables have been standardized -- transformed into z-scores.


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