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老蔡 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


false虛偽 / fee薪水 / firm堅固的/

flash閃亮 / flame火焰 /frank 坦白的/

general 普通的 / handle 把手/ iron 鐵/

justice 正義、公平 / liberty 自由 / lip唇/

mosquito蚊子 / motion運動 / neglect忽略 /

negotiation談判 / nerve神經 /noble貴族的/

notorious聲名狼藉的/nourish孕育 / nylon尼龍/

oak橡樹 / oar槳手 / object反對/

obligation義務 / obtain獲得 / occupy佔領/

occur發生 / offspring子孫 / omit省略/

oppose反對 / oppress壓迫 / organ器官/

orphan孤兒 / outcome結果 / outbreak爆發/

outlet出口 / outlook景色 / output產量





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    false虛偽 / He is false of heart.

    fee薪水 / They charged a trifling fee.

    firm堅固的/She is firm in her purpose.

    flash閃亮 / His eyes flashed like lightning.

    flame火焰 /A current of air is blown on a flame.

    frank 坦白的/To be frank with you, I don't like your brother.

    general 普通的 /I am speaking of students in general.

    handle 把手/ The handle is broken off.

    iron 鐵/He is a worker in iron.

    justice 正義、公平 /I wil have justice done him.

    liberty 自由 / You are at liberty to go or stay.

    lip唇/He wears a moustache on his upper lip.

    mosquito蚊子 / I have got bitten by a mosquito.

    motion運動 / The machine was kept in motion.

    neglect忽略 /He showed no neglect of duty.

    negotiation談判 / Peace negotiations are still going on.

    nerve神經 /Overdrinking is injurious to the nerves.

    noble貴族的/It was said that he was from a noble family.

    notorious聲名狼藉的/ He is notorious for his crimes.

    nourish孕育 / We need good food to nourish the starving children.

    nylon尼龍/ She bought a pair of nylons.

    oak橡樹 / Her father grows some oaks in his garden.

    oar槳手 / He is a practised oar.

    object反對/Her mother objects to her going abroad.

    obligation義務 / He has laid an obligation on me, which I cannot fulfil.

    obtain獲得 / They obtained a loan from the government.

    occupy佔領/ The house occupies a large space.

    occur發生 / A flood occurs every year.

    offspring子孫 / These four children are my off spring.

    omit省略/ This part of the book may be omitted.

    oppose反對 / He was opposed to my plan.

    oppress壓迫 / She stands up for the oppressed.

    organ器官/The heart is one of the body's vital organs.

    orphan孤兒 / He was left an orphan at the age of six.

    outcome結果 / She was satisfied with the outcome of her efforts.

    outbreak爆發/ There was no outbreak of cholera.

    outlet出口 / He cleaned the sink outlet.

    outlook景色 / Is there a room with an outlook on the sea from a window?

    output產量/The measures will enable us to double our output of bicycles.


    object-反對-(+to V)

    oppose-反對、反抗、使...對抗-(+N 、+ to Ving、be opposed to)


    Source(s): me&yahoo dictionary
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