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我必須做POWER POINT簡報.題目是投名狀.希望有好心大大可以提供英文報告內容(關於劇情大意即可).內容約100~200字.謝謝

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    "The Warlords" is based on an ancient tale of brotherhood and betrayal; still, that doesn't mean it should feel obligated to rehash every cliched moment and codified scene from men-at-war movies. From its opening title card that sets the scene in 1860s China during the Taiping rebellion, "The Warlords" announces that it will play pretty much to genre expectations.

    The story centers around three proud warriors: Pang Qing-yun (Jet Li), Zhao Er-hu (Andy Lau) and Jiang Wu-yang (Takeshi Kaneshiro). After some initial hesitation and fisticuffs, the trio form a pact, vowing to fight in the civil war raging across China. They eventually join a siege of Suchow and Nanking.

    Of course, along the way the men's friendship will be tested by a woman (Xu Jinglei) who comes between them, the hardships of battle, and the various scheming government officials who see fighting men as pawns in a bigger war.


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