Vitamin D?

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How is it that vitamin D is absorbed through your skin that the sun gives off? How does the sun give vitamin D if it is only light?
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  • Sci answered 6 years ago
Ah, you don't absorb Vitamin D from sunlight. Sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D in your skin cells. Sunlight is the catalyst.

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Thanks for the simple answer.
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  • angara answered 6 years ago
    vitd is not from the sun light is formed in the skin due to some reactions in presence of sunlight ....the reactions are as follows......vitamin d also called as calcitriol(1,25 dihydroxy chole calciferol).....In the skin 7dehydro cholestrol (7dc)is present .7dc in present of sunlight gets converted into cholecalciferol which changes into 25hydroxy cholecalciferol which again gets converted into 1,25 diydroxy cholecalciferol (vitd) this way vit d is formed in the skin
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  • Jon k answered 6 years ago
    The sun doesn't give it nor does it carry it, it simply catalyzes a reaction in the dermis which leads to the production of Vitamin D3. Ultraviolet B rays cause Cholecalciferol (Vit D3) to be produced from 7-dehydracholesterol, which is stored in the hypodermis.
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  • jonnyAtheatus answered 6 years ago
    The sunlight provides the energy for the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin, it's a common misconception that it is actually absorbed through sunlight, when in fact it is only an energy source.
    Vitamin D is very important in iron-absorption to prevent anaemia.
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