Why do the people in the United States seldom hear about news events from Canada or México, 2 close neighbors?

These two countries border the U.S.; yet, the people who grow up and live in the U.S. quite often know next to nothing about either of these two countries, current events within Canada or México, or anything about important people who live and rule either of these nations.

Doesn't this strike you as a bit odd?

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    I love Canadian TV, don't like the Mexican stuff, too many hoochies, and I refuse to speak Spanish. It is odd but American news is all about ignoring the rest of the world, selling us a war we don't need or want and creating fear, not about showing us the rest of the world or how we are connected to one another, like Perry Farrel of Jane's Addiction sang "the news is just another show". Sad isn't it, I also watch the news from England and there is an International news program on the PBS. I almost never watch American news anymore, its like watching a soap opera, tune in once a month and you know whats going to happen....

    I do care about what goes on in the rest of the world, but this country is dull when it comes to a world view, they don't want to see the starvation, fear, bloodshed, political upheaval, abject poverty on their huge annoying screen TVs in their overpriced homes.......the real stories are ignored.....

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    4 years ago

    Common feel, America has a enormous head and just one head can are compatible on a shoulder. if it attempts to suit extra it could create extra members of the family and feature extra disorders. The peoples of America could begin to believe invaded,seperated, believe they have got to proportion there area. There integrity is inside there country and now not others except they arrive below there rule. They most often dont desire any person to consider that the grass is greener at the different facet. We are the exceptional, we're the ones, we will be able to live on,we're Americans. The presidents do a well process of mind washing the folks identical to they do with such a lot international locations. Im in New Zealand and we dont rather have a alternative who regulations however I do understand that America thinks they're those. seventy five% of the folks have on no account left there state. A majority of them dont even understand who New Zealand is. So ask yourself.

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    Depends on your location I live near Canada so I watch their CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel i think...)station all the time, If I live near Mexico I'll probably watch the Mexican news. Plus our news only reports terror and when was the last time you heard anything like happening in Canada.Aeh?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I watch Polish News. Polish News tells what is actually going on in the world. US news is what Soviet News was in the 1980's, filler and lies.

    What good would telling lies about Canada local news benefit the regime?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because they choose not to. With the Internet and the translation option available, one can read newspapers in any language.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sadly, we are brought down by the government to be ignorant so that we are not interested in foreign affairs. Most people in America don't know what foreign means. =[

  • 1 decade ago

    nope most Americans do not care about the world unless it directly effects their lives. most of them cannot even find other countries on a map. it is sad really that we are so apathetic isn't it?

  • Nothing of consequence ever happens here or there, Senor.

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