Is Yahoo Answers really just a popularity contest???

I mean really!!! I see so many good answers posted and yet they get a thumbs down or two! Real proper answers that, reading it, one can tell that the person has put some real thought and effort into what they say, only to receive a thumbs down!!! I’d like to know who goes around giving good answers a thumbs down and WHY!!! I’m starting to think good answers don’t really matter on yahoo answers! Not only that, I’ve seen quite a few questions deleted, one my own... Do people get off on reporting random things and giving out thumbs down too people who don’t deserve it?

Is this just a popularity contest? What do you think?

I think it must be!!!

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    As a level 7 user who has been using Yahoo Answers pretty much from the beginning I can say that from my experience you are pretty much correct.

    If a question is reported it is automatically deleted without being reviewed. The question may be re-instated if you mail Yahoo with an appeal. On one occasion I asked a question and got 10 answers and the only good answer I received was the first one which had received 5 thumbs down from other users.

    The more mainstream the category the more popularity and bias comes into things, generally people answering on an academic or obscure topic are more reliable.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    I really don't know why people would give good answers a thumbs down. It seems like it could be a popularity contest, which makes me angry cause I come online to get a way from the ultimate popularity contest,High School.

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    1 decade ago

    I'v never seen it that way at all but can relate to your experiences of thumbs downing good answers. I guess some people just have differing perspectives of what a good answer for a particular question should have... I for example, am not a real fan of the answers that proclaim religion as the ultimate way of solving all the askers problems. Not that I'm here to badmouth religion at all, but most of the time the asker hopes for a more practical approach...

    I have only ever reported really insulting answers, or obvious point-scabber answers...

    Maybe there's a popularity contest amongst a minority of users...

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    Most people thumbs down when they disagree with an answer

    It other section there are often people who gives inaccurate answer, so thumbs down indicate that the answer may not be accurate, true or actually answers the question.

    And many answers that get alot of thumbs up are actually good answers, depeding on which section we are talking about. Here P&S, most funny, sarcastic and witty one liner gets alot of thumbs up

    I do that alot too, I thumbs up any answer that makes me laugh

  • How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.
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    Yes, I absolutely agree with you, and with monkeymanelvis's answer above. Personally I don't care whether I get thumbs down as long as I get my point across, and have given an informative or helpful answer. I expect thumbs down for some answers which are purely a matter of opinion, but it is rather rude to give thumbs down for a factually correct and / or helpful answer.

    There does seem to be one or more users who specifically single me out for thumbs down, and even reporting. I've had violation notices recently for perfectly good answers that were reinstated on appeal the same day.

    As I said, the thumbs down don't bother me, but getting violations for questions or answers which clearly do not violate the guidelines is rather annoying. Reporting good and valid answers is not big or clever or funny.

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    I dont think that is always the case. I dont get a lot of either, but I get some. I have had like 11 best answers and I only just started answering, so nobody even knows me, and I have only slept with like 1/8 of the users(j/k).Seriously, nobody would even know to vote for me yet so somebody has to be reading em.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's just the way it is here, some days it's great and some days it's just blah......lots of people do get off reporting others questions and answers, and many have overly sensitive little feelings and think you hate them because you have a different opinion. It's 14 to 94 years old here, from America to Zimbabwe, and some think we should all be the same. All I can say is hang in there, try to have fun, and please come back. I'd hate to see a few bad people make it so bad for you that you would leave us, I'll miss you if you leave.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think so, but it is a competition to see who can give the most sarcastic or stupid answer some times (I'm quite good at the stupid ones myself).

    Reporters are just kill joys.

  • No, it's the world's biggest support group. However, I have noticed that people do follow each other around in answers and answer together and give each other thumbs up, but there are so many people here that it doesn't matter.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hit the nail on the head

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