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What is a fog line?!??

Hey. I read in the paper about a cop aresting a DUI suspect for crossing back and forth over the "fog line"...what is a fog line?!?!? ive asked all my freinds who drive and my grandpa whos been driving for 60 years doesnt even know!!! somone please answer.

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    A fog line is the white line painted on the right side of the road.

    It is used a a tool for drivers to keep on the road in areas of heavy fog.

    Source(s): Sacramento Resident, boy do we get thick fog in the winter.
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    Fog Line

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    The fog line is the line painted on the right side of the road to stop people driving off the road in fog when there's no curb or other obvious edge to the driving surface. There's often, these days, a bike lane outside it.


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    A line of fog.

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    it is the white line on the right side of the road. in fog, you follow that, not the center or lane lines, for safety.

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