why wash your hands after using the bathroom?

ok, so i wash my hands after i take a **** and wipe my bum.

but when i pis, i just pull down my pants, sit down, pis, and then pull them back up and leave. so i dont see why i would need to wash my hands.


guys. im talking about peeing IN MY OWN HOUSE !!!!

say im watching tv. i get up, walk to the bathroom, pull my pants down and sit down and urinate real quick. then i pull my pants back up and walk out the door.

i didnt wipe anything, i didnt touch my ding-dong, pis doesnt splash back on my hands because i sat down. i dont even flush. the only think my hands touched is my zipper and button. thats all !!!

and guess what. i dont get sick often. i almost NEVER get sick.

i think its you people that are so afraid of germs that when you get sick, you get sick REAL BAD because your body isnt used to the bacteria.

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    1 decade ago
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    Aye i dont wash my hands after peeing. either

  • 1 decade ago

    Its not necessarily when you pee that you have the germs but the main idea is that when you touch the toilet handle to flush think about this... who was there before you touching that handle? Did they touch their pee or their bum and then the handle? Or maybe someone sneezed and then flushed. All in all there are a lot of germs found in bathrooms because of how much traffic one can encounter. Another tip? You should wash your hands before you use the bathroom to prevent from getting germs on your privates since your hands aren't exactly clean when you go to the bathroom in the first place. I'm sure this one makes a lot more sense. It did to me

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because when you enter and leave the bathroom you touch the door knob right?

    Just imagine somebody else used the bathroom before you, and touched there private part or something who knows, and when they left didn't wash their hands. Now they have to go for the door knob. You could catch the germs.

    The #1 reason is just entering a filthy place where people Piss and poop in, I'd want to wash my hands. Germs can be caught easily.

  • 4 years ago

    You damaging ingredient, i could gag! the reality which you're so close you will pay attention in the event that they wash their hands is in basic terms god damaging. as quickly as they touch their penis at the same time as peeing they touch: doorknobs & handles the workplace espresso pot snacks ignored for public intake the workplace refrigerator & any refrigerator contents copying machines fax machines buttons on the merchandising/coke machines telephones computers/keyboards/laptops staplers pens/pencils on and on and on... in the event that they do no longer seem to be washing as quickly as they pee, you could guess their no longer washing after the take a crap, the two! maximum circumstances of "abdomen flu" is from this appropriate state of affairs, no longer washing up after wiping their nasty rear ends and spreading that each and every person over each and every little thing. GROSS!! i could purchase Purell hand sanitizer and use it each and every 2nd of the day if I have been you! My god, i could in no way positioned my lunch interior the workplace refrigerator, drink workplace espresso or perhaps use a pen that may not yours from homestead. expensive god it is so nasty! and that i could see approximately shifting your table faraway from the bathing room as quickly as you could. If it quite is not achieveable i could purchase a small fan that creates sufficient white noise to help masks the sound of pigs no longer washing and it will help soothe your nerves, too. the guy who reported calling the well being branch is ideal on! they'll deliver a public well being nurse in for a well being lecture so i could call & see approximately scheduling some workplace training. That nurse could additionally randomly try peoples hands to work out if there is urine and cooties on them. perhaps public humiliation could paintings? i could like to comprehend what variety of paintings you do!

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  • Corona
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    1 decade ago

    You sit down to pee? Ok, you should always wash your hands after you use the rest room because of the germs that get on your hands. If the person before you got poop on the toilet paper or the light switch, that you couldn't see with just a look around, then you will be glad you washed your hands, rather than wonder when your holding your burger if your eating someone else's poop! Wash Wash Wash your hands!

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    1 decade ago

    A bathroom, (most especially a public bathroom) is teeming with bacteria and germs. Every time a toilet flushes, particles from the interior travel as far as 20 feet in the air to other parts of the room (and beyond) Once you enter that environment, you should consider that your hands (and other parts) are potentially contaminated.

    This applies in your home bathroom as well - unless you are always careful to close up the toilet before flushing. (But did the person before you?...)

  • 1 decade ago

    Becaue it is very sanitary./ You dont know it but germs and stuff, if too much invades ur body u cna get really sickj. Butif u wash, you wont be bound to get sick. It is good to wash ur hands. U dont have to. It is jut very healthy and is very encouraged.

  • 1 decade ago

    its because you always have germs on your hands and that is one way to get people to wash thier hands more. It has been proven that the more you wash your hands, the less chance you have of getting a cold.

  • 1 decade ago

    Only if you don't mind having the germs of othes on your hands, you don't know where other people have put their hands and you touch where they touch and voila, germs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sanitation reasons. It's for your own good anyways, to be on the safe side; You should still wash your hands after each bathroom usage anyways.

  • 1 decade ago

    The toilet and flusher is touched by everyone else so it's germy. So are the door and doorknob so use a papertowel to open the door.

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