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My boyfriend is too obsessed with X-box live and i want more attention from him?

Okay, me and my bf have been together for a while and now he has X-box Live, and i know that its addicting, but he lives a few hours away from me. Whenever i call him hes playing his stupid game. I just want some love and attention from him. He talks to his friends on X-box more than me. It just makes me feel like im not important anymore. Sometimes he talks to me without it, but most of the time hes on his game and pretty much ignores me. I need help. Any advice?

Keep in mind, he lives a few hours away so i cant go over there and be with him, and i dont have xbox live, and i know that i love him, and i know he loves me, its just i want more attention.

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  • Steven
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    Either go visit him or get xbox live yourself.

    If you're not willing to meet him halfway, it'd be like him saying he wants more attention from you whenever you're doing something you like doing or when you're hanging out with your friends.

    Obviously since you guys don't live that close to one another, he's bored and trying to kill some time. It's better he's chatting with his friends on xbox than him chatting up some girl online you know?

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    I know how hard long distance relationships can be. You can never see the person so you have to rely on phone conversations and letters. I think that he should be more considerate to your feelings. Maybe let him know that it bothers you when he plays his game because it's disrespectful and seems like he doesn't care..he should at least put his game on pause.

  • demmon
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    3 years ago

    Xbox stay is offline for in the present day because of a pair present day updates, the next day that's going to likely be working advantageous and easily. for each individual, the MTU is failing so no concern merely provide it till the next day.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The X-box has a magic pleasure hole in it that us guys only know about, you're second to him now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    play xbox with him

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