My daughter has had 2 ear achs in the last 3 wks. And now she cant hear very well what do you think is wrong?

Im taking her to the doctor on Thursday but she cant hear in school and i cant flush it but i belive thats what they will do. What can I do now untill thursday?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    alot of things can affect the ear, weather being one that i can think of, has the weather recently changed, another is swimming if your daughter swims she may have water in her ears, could be wax.. speaking to your doctor would be best...

    But it is well known children get more earaches because they have more respiratory infections and because their eustachian tubes are immature and unable to handle even a small infection.

    more information can be found here

    Hope this helps...

    Source(s): myself and google...
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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't do anything. You might only aggrivate the problem. Have her plug her nose and blow (which might pop the ears and give her a little reflief). Other than that just wait until Thursday and let the doctor handle it.

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  • i think that there ear ach must have affect her hearing try testing her if she can hear.right now you can just comfort here till thrusday and say thing a little loter. good luck with your daughter

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    1 decade ago

    Nothing. You can't "flush" it if it's an infection. The doc will have to give you antibiotics.

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