How much more flex does the rome artifact have over the technine jib?is it still easy to pressthe technine jib

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    1 decade ago
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    The jib is built around flex i own the technine jib and have ridden the artifact and theyre both good boards.

    When I first got the jib though i was expecting to just have to lift my foot to press i thought it would be compleet butter.

    But it wasnt like that dont get me wrong but the jib is built for controled jibbs such as you will hold a nosepress at the same heigth for the whole box instead of it being really buttery and moving all over the place like the artifact does.

    Basically theyre both good jib boards

    Technine Jib

    Flex-8 Controlable but super easy

    Rome Artifact

    Flex- 10 Uncontrolable so it is suppppppper easy to press with but its one of thoes boards that if your on a flat box you will have the tendancy to overpress and fall

    Source(s): HAVE THE JIB AND ROAD THE ARTIFACT ALSO technine is the best company in snowboarding
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    1 decade ago

    mmmm roams are a little stiffer.. the cores of the board allow how stiff it is look into it

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