How would you know if you have oil in your backyard?

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Environmentalists would be blocking your access to your backyard.
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  • ☮MuSe☮ answered 6 years ago
    Haha, you saw that newscast too?

    I'm not sure, but that would be a pretty rare thing!
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  • TicToc.... answered 6 years ago
    If you do find oil tell only the oil company. The government would put a halt to any drilling shenanigans.
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  • Alexander T answered 6 years ago
    I was going to ask that. I think you have a machine that can see if there is. The other way is by digging far deep down.
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  • simmi answered 6 years ago
    you would know if ur grass is wet on a sunny day and u havent watered it and if u do tell the pil company the goverment will repair it.
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  • why not? answered 6 years ago
    I want to know the same thing too. Maybe I might buy up some land up in Colorado & Wyoming!
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  • Santeez!!! answered 6 years ago
    try digging it up.....then take loads nd loads of flammable thingies...burn ur yard...
    if da next day u r up in da sky nd ur relatives r shedding tears...then boy there was loads nd loads of oil down there!!!
    who da hell gave u dat advise?????!!!!
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