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I am always bullied and the teachers just kinda don't care. I also have told my mom and she feels sorry but I don't have any true friends. I always make a friend and something happens! I am constantly bullied everyday! What do I do????


I never show the bullies and I never cry in front of them. I need help!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bullying IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! If a teacher sees someone bullying you and ignores it, they are to blame if something happens to you. You don't define what bullying is in your question.... so much like sexual harrassment, there are some grey areas. But if it is bonafide bullying, you need to report this to the principal of the school and if he does not listen, you need to notify a campus police or higher authority. If your mother doesn't listen, she must not truly know what is going on. Look up defintions of bullying on the net and how to handle bullies. Print out some of the information, show her and take it to higher authorities. YOU DO NOT have to put up with bullies!!! They do it to make themselves feel better than you and the reality of it is is that they are actually pieces of crap without respect or regard for anyone else who is BETTER than they are. Take action NOW!!!!

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    Aww dont worry everything will pick up in time. As for your teachers, I think they need to pay more attention to the fact that your are being bullied constantly everyday, this must put you down and it will affect your learning abilitys aswell as you will be worrying what they are going to do/say to you next. Speak to your mum again and explain with her everything they have said or done to you in the past you could even try keeping a diary so you can write exactly whats happened and when then maybe your mum can go into your school and speak to the teacher(s) themselves and show them the diary. Hope everything gets sorted!

    Melissa Thomson x

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    Join the club. In my town, there are the rich kids and the rest, and no one actually cares unless it hurts the rich kids. I am not a rich kid. They don't give a sh*t about my probelems, but they almost certainly would if my parents made a bit more money. My advice is to just find a niche- it doesn't matter what it is- and do that. That niche can be drawing, coding, creating, matnematics, science, etc. I always turned to writing. Find something that makes you happy, and do that. Remember that in a few years, you're going to be out of this town and likely never remember these people again.

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    Try and make friends you know you can keep and won't do anything to hurt you. As for the bullying, contact the dean or principle. They are the ones who will most likely do something about the kids bullying you. Or if that doesn't work... try a diff school ;)

    If You're in New York... You can also contact me. I'll deal with them =p

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    Throw out some names of bullies out to the public. Then they will be afraid to bully when they are on hit list.

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    i feel the same way i am bullied 2 and have no true real friends just a bunch of jerks as friends but what can u do?

    try to avoid them or stay quiet ignore them

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    Screw your teacher go to a feelings lady in your school I was bullied and I went to my feelings lady I was very opened and she just listened and helped me.

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    schools like to pretend they're doing something to stop bullying, but in reality, teachers aren't allowed to do anything to stop it.

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    dont fight back ignore them and act like you dont care

    dont cry in front of them because thats all they want is for you to cry or get pissed

    dont show any emotion or that their not even there because then they will stop bugging you and leave you alone.

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    If your teacher isn't doing anything, tell another person, then another,and another! Tell an adult you trust like parent, realitive, mentor etc! Don't give up!

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