working at abercrombie or hollister?

today i applied at abercrombie(kids) and hollister and my interviews ended up being on the same day. so anyone who has worked at either can you please tell me which place you think is better. also what is the group interview like -questions, what to wear.. etc


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    I of coarse prefer Hollister because I work there. Abercrombie is Hollister's sister store. They stress on diversity. That's the only question that is even remotely difficult. Everything else is easy as pie. What do you like about Hollister? How would your closest friends and family describe you? questions like that. I love Hollister interviews. They are so much fun. Don't be afraid to say or do certain thing. Wear Hollister. Look really cute and "beachy". Hollister mainly bases people on their appearance. Do not wear black or purple. Do wear flip flops and if you dint own any Hollister clothing just wear something similar. Make sure your answers do not sound rehearsed and robot like. GOOD LUCK!

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    Okay. What you have to wear: or

    and a pair of

    or other non branded jeans or pants, mabey some sunglasses?

    this is a nice mix of reminding them you are cool, making them like you cuz your wearing their brands and saying "i dont care THAT much."

    hollister has more teens comeing in so you will be more nervous to go to work and you WILL be obsessed with wondering what to wear. abercrombie is more freindly but still very cool. Have fun working and at your interviews be yourself and talk fashion (a bit).

    have fun with your new job!

    Hope this helps.

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