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Wedding gift ideas for our parents?

I am looking for some ideas of what to give our parents in appreciation for all of their help in our wedding.

I like the idea of a picture frame, but we won't have a picture of us for the frame by the rehearsal dinner.

We won't be able to afford a vacation/spa or some kind of concert tickets and there's no guarantee our parents could go.

For the parents who have everything, what gift could we give to show how much we love them and appreciate all of their help and support?

Thanks so much for your ideas! :o)

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    For my mother we are giving her a dual picture frame with a photo of me and her when I was little in the left side. In the right side I'm putting a nice letter thanking her for everything. When the wedding is over she can put a picture of the two of us on my wedding day in the right side (or the left if she prefers!). We are doing the same for my fiance's mom, and getting them both hour long massages. I hope that helps. best wishes!

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    I think a nice frame, and if you had an engagement picture taken that would work nicely. If you don't have that, slip a note in the card that says, to be filled with the wedding picture of your choice.

    What about a coupon for each set of parents where you make a home cooked dinner for them each at a different time.

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    How about a gift certificate for a nice dinner and a frame that can be filled after the wedding?

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    I suggest trying

    They offer beautiful hand made paintings made from your favorite photograph or a loved one’s favorite photograph.

    Maybe one of the two of you?

    They’re very affordable and accommodate special painting requirements.

    What I like about them is that they are reeeeaally good at capturing the physical likeness, something others can’t do. I was extremely happy with the results.

    Best wishes!!

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    Go to glamour shots and have nice professional photos of the two of you taken - black and white always look nice.

    Purchase one or two 5x7...dont let them talk you into buying a can buy individuals

    Then go to Things Remembered.

    Give each set of parents a silver engraved frame that says something like...Thank you for all your love and support, your name and his name.

    I chose the floating frame and put our pics inside.

    Cost me about 200 for both sets of parents after engraving...

    Wrap it nicely and you are all done. It takes the anxiety out of picking a gift for each mom and each dad and then having them compare gifts.

    Whatever you decide to give, give both sets of parents the very same thing

    Keeps down drama

    Source(s): personal experience
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    How about making them a photo book? It's one of those gifts of love and time rather than money. Totally unique and something they'll appreciate. Check out for more details.

    Good luck with the wedding!

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    You can buy a frame from and then go to and use the frame as a tray. Then when you do have a picture you can give it to them!

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    Find out if your wedding photographer offers "parent" albums. They are usually smaller and much less expensive, but will have photos from your wedding.

    If they don't offer them, then there are places online where you can put books together very inexpensively. (

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    i like the idea of a picture frame too. but maybe a picture of just you and your husband? or a baby picture of the two of you just crop two together!!

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