What are some good qualities the Pope John Paul II had?

I have to write an essay and i was wondering if anyone could tell me some good qualities that Pope John Paul II had?

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    Tribute to Pope John Paul II


    I like the music!

    On October 22, 1978, Pope John Paul II stepped out on to the balcony in St. Peters Square and proclaimed:

    "Be Not Afraid! Open up, no; swing wide the gates to Christ. Open up to his saving power the confines of the State, open up economic and political systems, the vast empires of culture, civilization and development…. Be not afraid!"

    Affirmed by many as one of the chief architects of the Second Vatican Council and its extraordinary document on the relationship of the Church to the “modern” world” (entitled "Joy and Hope" or “Gaudium et Spes” in Latin), this strong, passionate, charismatic priest and Bishop now occupied the chair of Peter

    . At a critical time in the history of both the Church and the world, he stepped forward like a lion, with a prophetic roar.

    He strode onto that platform with strength and vitality. This mountain climbing Polish Pope was so filled with the love of God it was contagious. A talented and gifted "man of letters", a playwright, a philosopher, an intellectual giant, a poet, but more importantly, a genuine human being with a heart that embraced the whole world, like the Heart of the One whom he represents on earth.

    He truly has been the “Vicar of Christ”, representing the Lord, the King of Kings, for so many millions throughout the world.

    Like a lion in Peter’s chair, he consistently and tirelessly lived what he boldly proclaimed with great courage. Unafraid, he traversed the globe, proclaiming freedom to the captives and truth to the victims of failed false ideologies that had ravaged the people of the twentieth century, the bloodiest in all of human history.

    He has not stopped passionately re-presenting the classical, unchanging, Christian message with a prophetic urgency, profound clarity and contemporary relevance.

    Communism, atheism, secularism, false humanisms … have now all been exposed in both their empty promises and the horrors that they unleashed in the wake of their false utopian claims.

    This Pope proclaimed that the “Redeemer of Man” (the title of his first encyclical letter), Jesus Christ, is the path to authentic personal, social and universal freedom!

    He authored more encyclical letters, apostolic exhortations, constitutions and letters than any Pope in the two thousand year history of the Christian Church. In these writings and so many allocutions, this marvelous man has given us a treasury to unpack for centuries.

    He has meticulously and brilliantly developed themes during his service to the Church and the world. Among them; "The Culture of Life", "The Civilization of Love", "The New Evangelization", "The New Springtime of world missions ", "The Universal Call to holiness"; "Christian Marriage and family life as a domestic church";

    And further: "A Spirituality of Communion"; "The Theology of the Body"; "The Common Good"; "The Unity of Life"; "The New Humanism"; "The New feminism and the Feminine Genius"; "The Two Lungs of East and West"; “A New Catholic Action", and a “New Advent” for all of humanity in Jesus Christ.

    The Pope’s rich teaching sets a framework for what I believe will be a five hundred year renewal of the Church and, through her, a transformation of the entirety of human culture, including the arts, politics, the academy, and economic and political theory ;

    - because no area of human experience is “off-limits” to the influence of the Gospel and the Church. The Church is, in the words of the Fathers of the second Vatican Council, an “expert in humanity”.


    Pope John Paul II has called all men and women to the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. In Him they are invited to discover the purpose and fulfillment of human life itself. He has proclaimed the profound truth that human existence itself is an invitation to communion with God and with one another.

    He has proclaimed to an age bent of “self fulfillment” that we only find our human fulfillment in giving ourselves in love to God and to one another.

    He calls us to live a dynamic, integrated Christian faith and lifestyle, what he calls a “unity of life”, wherein the implications of the Christian faith inform the entirety of ones life with no contradiction or separation.

    Confronting and exposing the “culture of death”, wherein the human person is treated as an instrument to be used rather than an unrepeatable gift to be received, he has in its place proposed a different way;

    , that of building a new “culture of life” where every human person, at every age and stage, is recognized as having an inviolable dignity and right to life, freedom and love.

    The Pope has charted a path to authentic peace and solidarity, proclaiming to the nations that we are all our brothers’ keeper and that we owe an obligation in solidarity to one another and, most especially, to the poor in all of their manifestations in our midst.

    He writes of authentic freedom as a freedom “for” and not just a freedom “from”, a freedom that must be bounded by truth and lived in accordance with the moral understanding of our obligation to do what is right.

    Pope John Paul II has exposed what he has called a “counterfeit notion of freedom” as a raw power over others and the false notion of the autonomy of the individual as the measure of a “freedom” to do whatever one wants.

    Instead he has proclaimed that the path to authentic human flourishing is only found in our rediscovery of our call to communion.

    His writing proclaims a new and true humanism, a rediscovery of the truth that we were created in the Image of God, made for communion with God and with one another and that we only become fully human by giving ourselves in love to the other.

    The Pope has insisted that through both understanding and applying the treasury of the social teaching of the Catholic Church - in our relationships with one another, personally, in our families, in our societies, our nations and the global community;

    – authentic justice and freedom as well as the “Joy and Hope” for which we all hunger, can actually be achieved.

    Catholic social teaching forms the textbook for building just such authentically just societies and international relations. The problem is that it largely remains both unread and untried.

    His brilliant writings help provide the tools to build this society, this new culture of life and this civilization of love. Not only are they treasuries of rich theology and philosophy but they offer principles that, if unpacked and applied, can help to change entire cultures, as well as build truly just political and economic systems.

    The work of unpacking and building will remain, beyond his brief time with us. In fact, it should now compel and inspire us to build a living legacy in his honor after the Lord, whom he serves with such inspiring faithfulness, calls him home.

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    Pope John Paul Ii Characteristics

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    there has to be some kind of literature written on him and i'm sure he had plenty of great qualities for god's sake he was a pope for many years! dont use this web-site as your source. go to the library and look for books on him, much more reliable!

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    John Paul was a manifest heretic, who publicly equated the Christian Triune God with the Muslim god "Allah", who is an idol and to whom he prayed.

    He also bowed before and kissed the Muslim Koran, a book filled with lies and blasphemies against Christ and the Holy Trinity.

    These scandals alone (and there are many more) make him a far worse heretic than any of the Protestant Reformers.

    His successor Benedict also has publicly prayed to the idol "Allah".

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      an ignorant, even consider calling you evil, fool

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    This is a great article from CNN and it should tell you everything you need to know about this great man.


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    He had a great charisma and presence about him. You could feel the Holiness exuding from him when he walked into a room.

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    He got the Catholic Church to recognize evolution, a giant

    step out of the Dark Ages.

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    He would not bend to Modern fashions like Abortion...His Faith was strong and it needed to be to fight off the enemys of Christ...

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    He got the Catholic Church to recognize evolution, a giant

    step TOWARD the Dark Ages.

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    He preached the gospel of salvation

    and believed in the "rapture"

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    He was very accepting, open-minded (especially for a religious Catholic) and kind. :)

    Best of luck.

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