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how do you show a girl that you want to be just more then friends?

theres a girl that i like and were both friends what should i do to be not a friend but a boyfriend

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    be more and more attentive. wait for her after class...offer to walk with her. flirt! be sweet! she has to like u in that way too before u start datin rite! Give her compliments.

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    Here's a list of what you can do:

    1. Tell her how you feel.

    2. Write letters to her secretly on her steps when she comes up them so she'll read them all. Then the last step, last letter, tell her it's by you. *Romantic*

    3. Plan a nice dinner that you cooked yourself.

    4. Just kiss her.

    5. Grab her hand slowly.

    If anything is wierd between the two of you, then it's not suppose to work, but if she kisses you back, then voila.!

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    Generally telling her that you like her in a different way is a pretty direct approach.

    But that can be terrifying sometimes, so try to flirt and do things with her more one on one than you do with your other friends that are "just friends." But don't be too creepy with all the attention, she'll think you're being weird and distance herself.

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    Make a move. Flirt with her. She'll get the hint then hopefully you get a positive response.

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    Let her know. Then lay her down on sheets of linen and love her softly all night long.

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  • tell her how you feel.

    maybe she doesn't know you feel.

    she might even feel the same way.

    but think about this:

    it could mess up your friendship.

    so if you feel like your friendship is more important keep it the way it is.

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    You tell her "I like you and I want to be more than friends. Would you like to go out?"

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    Simple...Tell her how you feel and ask her out. it may not sound easy, but if you do it will show her that you have courage and the chance that she will accept will go up drastically.

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    ask her to go out with you. then convince her that if it dosen't work out you can always just break up. no one hates added one more person to the dated list.

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    hi u should tell her what ur feelings are this the only way trust me she will be happy

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