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How can i achieve bright red hair like hayley williams at the grammy awards ?

Hi i have recently dyed my hair a very dark brown and nothing is really lifiting the colour, i have been using various hair dyes to make my hair red but they only seem to make my hair have a slight red tint, i do not want to use peroxide on my hair because last time i used peroxide it ruined my hair, i dont know if head and sholders will lift the colour .. i really need some help .. thank you

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    You will need to lighten it first.

    I would get it professionally done if you've had problems with bleaching before. Bleaching also damages the hair so that it grabs the dye more.

    Then condition condition condition. I use a treatment like garnier hair mask or fudge dynamite.

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    I dyed mine with Garnier in their brightest shade of red and mine looked that bright. I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair. Go to a salon to get the brown out.

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    there is no way of getting that color red without bleaching unless you are a natural light blonde. How long ago did you dye your hair? You might have to strip the color and then bleach.

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    head and shoulders makes hair dyes fade..but its okay becuase they have the colour care shampoo now..


    Buy a decent dye!! a permenant friend dyed her hair red once and it was as red as hayleys!

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    I think you should go to a hair dresser. Just in case your hair doesn't get damaged, or get orange or a weird color.

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    You could try a color remover like L'Oreal ColorZap Haircolor Remover

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