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I am Ethiopian but i am obssesed with koreans and i want to learn how to speak, any korean who can help? help!

i watch "arirang" and "kbs world" and i konw big korean singers and some actors. i even prefer them than other holly wood celebrities. my family thinks i am sick. but i just like them. and i am half Ethiopian and half Ukrainian but i live in Ethiopia so they dont sale korean music her so i watch it on koran TV. I watch korean drama by sustitle and i cry ,laugh i enjoy it alot.

so, any body out there who can help me spek it. write me some words, their pronounciation and meannings.

i watch "Hommy Korean Enghlish form " but i can seem to catch up. so help

and i am even planning to live in Korea for the future. i am only 14 years old.

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    haha your very similar to me I LOVE koreans and kroean stuff i love korean music and movies and dramas everything. Right now im watchign that 3 dads and 1 mom show it's pretty good, anyways..............I'm using the pimsleur CD to learn causse im a beginner my suggestion to you is to download it cause it's the cheapest way. Once you go through that can use this website

    the lessons there are in a specific order on purpose so you learn to say certain things at a certain point it's actually pretty good, but another method you can do is to sign up on a language exchange website and meet some koreans they can help you learn the me learning to read it wasn't hard at all it's like learning the ABC'S just that they look different. You can email me if you have questions

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    You might try contacting the embassy. I'm sure they have a cultural services department that may be able to offer some advice.

    Here's the contact information I was able to find in that link:

    South Korea Embassy , Ethiopia

    Jimma Rd., Old Airport Area

    PO Box 2047

    Addis Ababa








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    I think at your age it is normal for you to like something other than where you are. What about them do you think appeals to you the most. Have you ever thought about getting some of the music off of ebay? I used to be very interested in Asian cultures. I am very caucasian, couldn't be more german/english if I tried, but for some reason, that culture just fascinates me. Maybe that is a culture you will learn about. It is difficult to learn Korean, I wish you luck. You might want to tone it down in front of your family if they are not being supportive of your interests. Hey, at least you are not into drugs or pregnant!!! Good luck with everything sweetie.

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    I'm Korean. If you pass to S-korea when you graduate your institution.. you effectively get a jot in korea. mainly If you're the white.. and you've got the Britain pronunciation, instantly you'll get a gob.. suck as trainer within the tuition.. Korean is effortless to study, however when you research korean by myself base on grammer, you'll feel that "It is simply too tough to study!!!!!!!!!!" nonetheless If you meet a few korean and takes a few conversations every different, you'll feel that effortless... Korean languages haven't any phrase order honestly... so effortless to speake and fully grasp And furthermore to, Korean textual content is base on Chinese... now not Japanese...

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