Why is Jay Leno being forced out?

Johnny Carson worked that position like a regular job retiring at 65. Leno, with good ratings is being asked to step down. I am not a big fan of that kind of show, but I like Leno, he seems like a nice guy.


He agreed going in to step down and then had a change of heart, it is all a very loose arrangement, he just asked if there was any way he could stay on, that is all. It is not like there is any kind of friction or anything.

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    I think there is a subtle desire by NBC to have Leno leave the show. First of all, Conan O'Brien was promised the Tonight Show by executives and this was all brokered around Jay Leno's contract which expires in 2009. I think NBC realizes that Jay wants to stay on, but they also have to contend with Conan who is hugely popular. It is my understanding that Conan has a pay or play deal in which they have to pay him even if he doesn't sit in the Tonight Show seat. Frankly, it's just easier for the network to have Jay honor his contract and exit gracefully.

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    late night TV doesn't have as much power as it used to be when Carson was host. Back in the old days there was only 3 TV networks so you got through to more American homes, now with most Americans having 300 plus stations they are deeply diluted

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    He wasn't asked to step down. He only wanted to do the show through May 2009. That was his decision that he made several years ago.

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    I thought there were too many cars not enough time to dive them.

    I thought he was retiring. This is the first time I hear he was been forced out.

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    yeah i agree with kevin. i don't think he's being asked to step down. maybe he's retiring. i'm not really sure.

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