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why do book of chronicles begin with Adam, Enoch etc?

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    Two books in the Old Testament. They give a short history of events from the Creation to the proclamation of Cyrus allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem.

    First Chronicles: Chapters 1-9 list genealogies from Adam to Saul. Chapter 10 chronicles the death of Saul. Chapters 11-22 trace the events associated with the reign of David. Chapters 23-27 explain that Solomon was made king and the Levites were set in order. Chapter 28 explains that David commanded Solomon to build a temple. Chapter 29 records David’s death.

    Second Chronicles: Chapters 1-9 trace the events associated with the reign of Solomon. Chapters 10-12 tell of the reign of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, during which the united kingdom of Israel was divided into the northern and southern kingdoms. Chapters 13-36 describe the reigns of various kings until the capture of the kingdom of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar. The book ends with Cyrus’s decree that the captive children of Judah could return to Jerusalem.

    As to your question "why" do they begin where they do . . . . These passages make it clear that, from the earliest times of the kingdom, writers living amid the events described, and generally of the prophetic order, recorded the history of their own times. These records along with Samuel and Kings formed the material out of which our books of Chronicles were compiled, the compilers choosing such portions as suited the purpose of their composition. Though secular events are not excluded from the compilations thus formed the writers dwell with most satisfaction upon the ecclesiastical and religious aspects of the history, and the progress of temple worship in Jerusalem.

    In other words, they wrote what they deemed to be important to them and what they felt inspired to include.

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