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does steaming food lose you weight?

does steaming food lose you weight

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    Above poster is wrong. You can also steam fish and seafood...just be sure it is done. Be sure to read the directions on how steam them safely.

    Just google steaming fish..there are lots and lots of recipes. You could also probably steam thin pieces of chicken. You can look that up too.

    Steaming food can help you lose weight IF it is replacing cooking your food with fats and oils. Just the process of steaming the food itself won't.

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    No. Steaming your vegetables keeps the nutrients in them, and most of the flavor. Steaming bread makes it soggy. Steaming meat, like chicken, put you at risk of becoming ill from undercooked meat. Steaming pasta makes it sticky. Steaming cheese makes a melty mess. None of this will actually help you lose weight, except if you really don't want to eat a soggy, sticky, messy concoction that will make you sick. The veggies are okay, though.

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    Steamed food don't lose any fat from your body, but they contain less fat and are healthier than un-steamed foods.

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    Not if you stuff your face full...

    You can really only steam vegetables. You only do that so they retain nutrients. They have almost no fat anyway.

    Edit to below:

    Yes, I forgot about fish. But as a vegetarian that never entered my mind. My bad.

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    eat at regular intervals

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    yoga may be relaxing but you can also get a good workout an hour of yoga can burn up to 350 calories

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    Do 45 minutes cardio workouts a few times a week

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    take a break from blue moon belgian white a 164 calorie treat and grab a miller genuine draft which is only 64 cals

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