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Where would be the best place to stop and spend some time on my USA Road Trip? (See Route)?

Looking at the above link (my route) where do you think would be the best place(s) to stop for a while to perhaps get a bit of money together or maybe the place which would offer the most fun/ nicest people. Or if I haven't stopped at those places tell me what I'm missing out on!

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    in nyc, def take time to head down st marks, maybe chill in tompkins and talk to the squatters, coffee at odessa, pizza at ray's. best pizza ever. go to a show!

    if you're going all the way to dc, you might wanna check out richmond as well. you might just fall in love with it, it's weird/hard to explain.

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    Since I'm one of the few people on YA that's actually been to all those places and can actually navigate most of that route w/o looking at a map save me some future work of writing 2-3 paragraphs about each leg and tell me how on earth did you ever come up with that rather unique routing?

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    go ahead to the beaches man

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