NDSmulti.com/store/ - Your experience with DS multicarts?

One week of waiting and day before yesterday I got my custom made Nintendo DS multi-cart with 30 games on it. Ordered at http://www.NDSmulti.com/store/

My DS multicart works fine and I already completed Ratatouille and played Mario Kart DS online for more than 10 hours :)

Can anyone who has used NDS multicart for a longer period and can share his experience?

- batteries -> do I have to worry about them running out and loosing save games?

- is it safe to play online with a multicart?

- is there any difference in gameplay as compared to single game DS cartridges (I have not noticed any)

Note that I am talking about a customized multicart with games I selected and not a regular multi-game cart like on eBay.


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    Yes - I have ordered a couple of these for me and 3 of my friends have them for around a year now.

    > Batteries - NDS multi-carts that NDSmulti.com/store/ sells use capacitors. Similar to rechargeable batteries they most likely will live longer than we will. Plus the save games are backed up in the Flash memory the next time you start your DS - so all safe.

    > Online play with multicart - as far as I know YES it is safe. Never had a problem. Works just like a single cart game.

    > Gameplay - from the 32 games that I got on my second cart One did not start - just got a white screen. E-mailed their support and was offered to send the cart back for repair, but as it was 1 out of 32 I decided not to. The rest work fine! And all other carts that I have ordered still work fine.

    Source(s): long time GBA multicart user http://www.gameboymulticarts.com long time NDS multicart user http://www.ndsmulticarts.com
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    Ds Multicart

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