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why do people say PRIDE fighters are better than UFC fighters?

now that they are unified, and we have seen alot of the best UFC fighters beat the best Pride fighters, is there any discussion left (henderson v. griffin, shogun v. rampage, silva v liddell, henderson v. silva)?

Is it firmly established that UFC fighters were always better than PRIDE fighters or what?

help clear this up for me please.

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    For a period of years, like earlier 2000's, PRIDE had a deeper pool of talent. A very world class of fighters, usually in the heavier ranges. While this doesn't necessarily mean PRIDE was better, it was easy to give credit to an organization which had more high caliber fighters at the time.

    It's like comparing USA basketball to World Basketball.

    There are plenty of great Americans, and it's very competitive in school ages, (as well as 300 million people)...for every one great basketballer from Europe or Asia, there would be 3 or so in America (statistically).

    But, this isn't true...many nations outside the USA are great at basketball - period. Which was the case as PRIDE was with the high population of fighters > UFC.

    To clear names up though...

    Dan Henderson:

    -Has fought 3 times as much fights in PRIDE than in UFC (therefore must be a 'Pride' fighter)

    -never fought Forrest Griffin.

    -has beaten Wanderlei Silva.


    -Has fought over 3 times more fights in PRIDE...only 3 fights in UFC (means Rampage IS a Pride fighter based on your comparisons).

    -Is the LHW UFC Champ.

    -TKO'ed Liddell once while fighting for PRIDE (UFC's ex-poster boy)

    -KO'ed TWICE by Wanderlei Silva.

    Anderson Silva:

    -Has fought 5 fights in Pride BEFORE fighting 6 in UFC.

    -Lost twice by submission in Pride.

    -Is the MW UFC champ.

    Big Nog:

    -Pride Legend, second to Fedor in HW.

    -UFC HW Champ.

    -Lost only to Fedor and Dan Henderson (earlier in his career).

    UFC is king now. But, the fighters you point out were once considered PRIDE fighters. Except for Forrest and Chuck....and Anderson to an extent (he lost so never had the chance to go for a belt).

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    This is a typical argument by people on both sides. However, fighters from both orgs have had their share of success. Rampage (Pride) has beat Liddell twice now.

    Anderson Silva was a pride fighter and now has a UFC belt.

    Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira was a very good Pride fighter and also now has a belt.

    With that said, there has been UFC guys putting the beat down on Pride guys (Griffin over Rua, Liddell over Wanderlei Silva). But as with all fighters, you will find fighter 1 can beat fighter 2, while fighter 2 will beat fighter 3, but fighter 3 will beat fighter 1. It is just the crazy world of fighting. And you will find fans who will say their favorite fighter is best, especially right after he wins.

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    Well, considering that 3 out of the 5 weight classes are being held by PRIDE guys, it'd be hard to say that UFC fighters are better. On the other hand, a lot of PRIDE superstars have had some unimpressesive performances in the UFC (Shogun, Cro Cop). So, all in all, I'd say that its relatively even. Some guys are doin well, some aren't.

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    Because my-fighter-is-better-than-your-fighter is the newest Internet sport among superfans.

    Best left ignored.

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