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bank question! =]?

okay i have rolled coins i'm going to cash in.

and i have a savings account with bank of america.

but i rarely use it.

so i dont know my account number.

but i do have a ATM Card.

Is there anyway that when i bring in my coins they can use the number on my atm card to bring up my account??

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    If you have your ATM card, and your ID that's all that you need. The B of A branches that I use no longer use deposit slips.


    You can go here ==>

    And sign up for online banking, you can sign up by verifying the digits of your ATM card, PIN and the last 4 of your social.

    And once you're enrolled in online banking you can get real time access to your savings account, and over to the left hand side there's a link to where you can show/hide your account number

    Source(s): credit analyst/underwriter B of A customer for over 13 years
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    have your bank card and your Driver License or some other kind of ID to prove that you say who you are to the bank - then they can look up your acct thru your ATM card. All banks do this - security.

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    yes! as long as you have you'r bank card they cant find the account number for you.

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    go to atm centre, swip your card....go for payments or bal slip options... you will get your account num. on that too..

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