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各位大大我已經改的很短了 煩請大大伸出援手~~~!


富家千金艾瑪,和父親一同居住。艾瑪以為自己與生俱有為他人說媒牽線的能力。她為 (Harriet Smith)尋找如意郎君。她確信哈莉葉有資格成為一名紳士的妻子,進而勸誘她將心力投注在牧師── (Mr. Elton) 身上。其間,艾瑪亦說服哈莉葉放棄那位她已經有了感覺的農夫羅伯‧馬丁(Robert Martin)的求婚。


艾瑪對於訪客── (Frank Churchill)產生好奇。珍‧法爾菲克斯(Jane Fairfax)從事教職,美麗又有教養。可是,艾瑪卻由於她的沉默寡言而不喜歡她。






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    Rich family daughter moxa Ma, together live with father.The moxa Ma thinks oneself with get to all say that the Mei leads long linear ability for the others.She is to look for a Mr. Right(Harriet Smith).Her making sure to admire Li a leaf is qualified for to become a wife of gentleman and then advise to guide her to put into mental exertion at the pastor--(Mr. Elton) body.In the interval, the moxa Ma also persuades to admire Li a leaf to give up the farmer's Luo's elder brother of one's father that she already feels.proposing of Martin(Robert Martin).

    Didn't expect, moxa Er object but is a moxa Ma but moxa Ma brush-off.Cruelly moxa Ma the moxa Er of the brush-off, bring upset start on journey to go to Ba Si, over there, he is married.

    Moxa Ma for the visitor--(Frank Churchill) produce curious.Jane.the method Er thin gram Si(Jane Fairfax) work on to teach a job, beautiful and cultivated.But, moxa Ma but due to her silent few speech and don't like her.

    Everyone is surmising feelings that the beginning of moxa Ma and method orchid gram sprouts.Next day, the method orchid gram saved to admire Li in a group of the Rom the mendicant hand leaf.Cause, be her to tell the moxa Ma fell in love with by himself/herself a status position all at she on object, the moxa Ma intuition ground thinks that that person is a method orchid a gram.

    Method orchid the mother's aunt of the gram passed away, this making public of accident was an originally conceal of fact:Method orchid gram and Jane already the secret betroth.With cover up a real person loved of his heart.Moxa Ma not by get for admire Li the leaf worry and worrying her can't accept this news.Also just know real that person letting to admire Li leaf adoring, it is in really

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  • 要英譯.....


    我從別人的文章裡 擷取一些部份過來的

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  • sugar
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    你的作業是要交自己寫的英文大意 還是老師指定翻譯這篇中文??

    2008-05-28 21:31:44 補充:


    我的意思是 你一定要用這篇的英譯


    2008-05-28 21:32:20 補充:


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