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    Olympic Games; origin, in fact has the close relationship with the

    ancient Greece social situation. B.C. 9-8 century, Greece clan

    society gradually disintegrates. The city-state system's slave society

    formed gradually, has established more than 200 city-states.

    The city-state does things their own way. Non-unified crowned head. Between the city-state the war is unceasing. In order to deal with the war, various nations have train the morale positively. The Sparta

    city-state child from 7 years old by the national foster, and is engaged in the sports, the military training, the military life. The war needs the soldier, the soldier needs the strong body, but the sports is the raise

    can draft the clever in fighting soldier's powerful method. The war

    promoted Greece sports; development, the ancient Olympic Games'

    event also has the obvious military brand mark. The war

    continuously makes the people to feel the loathing, the universal

    hope can have Lai Yi to recuperate lives the peaceful environment.

    Afterward the Sparta king and Elis Wangdeng has subscribed "the

    sacred armistice month" the treaty. Therefore, to prepare the

    manpower resources military training and sports athletics, becomes

    peace and the friendship games gradually.

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    The origin of the Olympic Games, and in fact the social conditions in ancient Greece had close ties. 9-8 century BC, the Greek clan society gradually disintegrate. City-state system of slave society gradually formed, established more than 200 city-state. Polis fragmentation. No unified monarchy. The war between the city-state. To cope with the war, the states are actively training morale. Sparta 7-year-old children from the city-state since the country from custody, and engage in sports, military training, living a military life. War needs soldiers, soldiers need to maintain a strong body, and sports is to train soldiers to levy Shanzhan a powerful tool. The war has promoted the sport in Greece, the ancient Olympic Games with the event also marked the military stigma. Continuing the war so that the people feel disgusted, the general's desire to have a rest home to the peaceful environment. Later, Sparta Wang and Wang Yi Lisi Deng set a "sacred truce," the treaty. Thus, the manpower resources in preparation for military training and sports competition, and gradually into the Games of peace and friendship.

    The ancient Olympic Games is to worship Kele Si-related. Helakesi be very large because of the "Hercules" reputation. He Yi Lisi in the city completed the regular unable to complete the task in less than a half-day effort will be swept clean of the King of the Cow cow dung piles, but the king did not want to give the promise of 300 cattle, Helakesi Yiqizhixia rush Follow the King. To celebrate the victory, he was held in the Olympic Games.

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    Continuing the war .................., the general's desire to have a rest home to the peaceful environment. Later, Sparta Wang and Wang Yi Lisi Deng set a "sacred truce," the treaty. Thus, .......................friendship.

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