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FiFiBi asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

My Lipgloss Is Poppin 是什麼意思?

My Lipgloss Is Poppin 是什麼意思?

Girls Rule Boys Drool 是什麼意思?

Bite Out Of Crime 是什麼意思?

Too Legit To Quit 是什麼意思?

Shopasaurus Rex 是什麼意思?

我在幾件T SHIRT上看到的


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    1.) My Lipgloss is Poppin.

    語出Lil Mama - Lip Gloss歌詞 , Lip gloss是唇蜜, Popin有多重含意, pop有trendy, fashionable的含意, 如pop music, popping 同時也是funk dance的一種變體, 身體扭動像痙攣一般收縮或伸展, 中文可翻作光彩奪目, 跳躍閃動, 歌詞中

    Oh!, Oh! Oh! My lips so luscious (我的唇是如此性感誘人)

    They say my lip gloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cool

    All the boys keep jockin, they chase me after school

    ....all these boys got crussssshESS...(所有的男孩都神魂顛倒)

    The boys really like it, the girls don't speak

    They - rollin they eyes, they lip gloss cheap (女孩們張口結舌, 她們的唇蜜是如此庸俗)

    2.) Girls Rule! Boys Drool!

    出自Letters To Cleo - Girls Rule Boys Drool,

    女孩當家作主, 男孩閃邊去撞牆, 反正他們只有一張嘴, 智障低能, 流口水 (歌詞的意思大概如此)

    3.) Bite Out Of Crime

    McGruff the Crime Dog®, and "Take a Bite Out of Crime® are registered marks of the National Crime Prevention Council.

    國家犯罪預防評議會, 為在青少年間宣導犯罪預防, 創造了McGruff Crime Dog 卡通角色和宣傳口號 Take a Bite Out of Crime. (將犯罪咬下一塊)

    4.) Too Legit To Quit

    MC Hammer 的rap, Legit= Legitimate (理所當然, 正當合法), 而不能就此罷手

    my people we don't know defeat we crush the strong and

    percolate the weak daily (everyday) we make our moves to

    improve our groove because we love to rule where we

    lay yo!..(Yo!) work and play we started at the bottom and

    now we're leading the way and yea!..(yea!) i'm havin a fit kickin it

    at the top because i'm too legit to quit...sang!...

    5.) Shopasaurus Rex

    Shop Tyrannosaurus Rex = Shopasaurus Rex (購物狂, 血拼女王)

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 是暴龍, 通常用來形容身軀龐大, 腦袋奇小, 手短, 四處橫行的怪物

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