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    Dear Miss/ Sir

    Teacher, I do really wish to be promoted this year. That is why I need your help, very sincerely. As to my non-leave records, and 3 times raising questions in the 5 reports, I am looking forward to your bonus of marks for me. My mid-term result is 85 points, but the term-end result is only 73 only, where there is quite a big different.

    I do really, really need your help, thank you.

    2008-05-29 13:33:52 補充:

    but the term-end result is only 73 only,

    I have made a mistake here.

    There should be just 1 "only " in this sentence, so you may erase either one. Sorry!

  • frank
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    give me a reason or explain what is your grade standard/ criteria?

    I am unhappy for my English course grade.

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