Harry Potter actor Rob Knox stabbed...?

In yet another gushing tribute to Labour's brilliance , actor Rob Knox was stabbed to death outside the Metro in Sidcup.

Labour era cultural enricher Karl Bishop, of Beaver Lodge, Sidcup was arrested.

5 children-youths aged 16-21 required hospitalisation for their knife wounds.

Streets are safer than ever- and Labour has not failed an entire generation most tragically Rob Knox and his attacker- more so than Maggie Milk-Snatcher- would you not agree?

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  • Ian W
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    1 decade ago
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    I am not so worried about the amount of stabbings, more the fact that there seem to be more of these young, jobless morons roaming the streets looking for underage girls to get pregnant. Anyone even found with a knife in a public place with no excuse should be banged away for attempted murder.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i have read through this twice and still not sure i understand it. I know that something like 17 young people including Rob Knox have lost their lives to knife and gun crime so far this year, and no one seems to actually doing anything about it. In Mrs T day at least the crims would be banged up, unlike this po faced leftie bunch of, lets just give them a slap on the wrists, bunch of twats.

  • lydon
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    3 years ago

    Tragedy befalls youthful a million/2-Blood Prince actor we are saddened to rfile that BBC information introduced earlier this morning that the actor who performs the situation of Marcus Belby in a million/2-Blood Prince grow to be tragically killed overdue final nighttime in London. Robert Knox grow to be stabbed to dying whilst intervening on behalf of his youthful brother basically outdoors Metro Bar on Station highway in Sidcup. Belby is standard to Potter followers simply by fact the Ravenclaw pupil who aspires to be a ingredient of the Slug club. in accordance to The Telegraph, Warner Bros. has released here assertion: "we are all taken aback and saddened by employing this information and as we communicate our sympathies are together with his kin." in addition, all of our ideas and prayers are together with his kin.

  • 1 decade ago

    owell nothing major,not like it was harry himself.

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