Does breast size matter to men?

After breastfeeding my son for 16 months, I went from a full "B" which is small enough, to barely an "A"! My body looks like a pre-pubescent girl! I'm married, and I know my husband loves me, but I don't feel like my body is attractive. I always see him looking at larger chested women, and I feel very self-concious. I wish I could get implants, but we can't afford something like that now, and I am still planning on breastfeeding any future children. So, how important is breast size to men? Just curious?

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    No I'm not a breast person, i rather prefer nice legs or a pretty face.

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    It's hard to believe that they got smaller usually the increase in size and fullness when pregnant and breast feeding. How ever haven't you heard that more than a mouth full is waste. Breast size is a funny thing most men i think would prefer larger breast but i feel that if i had choice between overly large or small i would chose small. Because extremely large breast while they will get some attention most likely aren't that pretty unharnessed if you get my gravity,plus they are heavy and can cause shoulder& back pains and problems.Most people just except what god gave them and be satisfied.Hope this helps some. may god bless.

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    It varies, But for a lot of guys, it doesn't matter. Not nearly as important as being a good person, honest, caring (good wife and mother!), etc.

    In fact, it's not even the most important physical thing -- eyes, smile, etc., are so important!

    In your case, though, it doesn't really matter how important it is "to men" -- just to one man. Right? I don't know what he thinks. Is he really shallow???

    Please don't get implants. Bad idea. Give me a girl with small breasts over one with fake breasts ANY DAY!!!

    You sound like a sweet girl. Good luck!! :)

    (edit) The guy below me is right. We always look at women with big breasts. But it doesn't mean we're any less happy with our partner.

  • raglin
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    4 years ago

    Boobs are in simple terms exciting all around, no rely what the size, shape and so on. of course, if the boobs are vast or if there is an entire loss of boobs in any respect, that could contemporary a project. additionally, if boobs are baggy or the **** are nasty, that could additionally be a project, yet alot of that comes with age. ordinarily length is in simple terms one ingredient that maximum adult adult males seek for in breasts, although this is the main glaring. It additionally has alot to do with share. in case you're small framed with a tiny waist, then you certainly could look rather warm with smaller boobs. Disproportionate breasts can sometimes be a project, especially for the female although. I knew a woman who had a tiny physique yet had very great breasts and grew to become into rather disappointed with them. She could actually cry as a results of fact she could never locate shirts that could greater healthful suitable. She wasn't unattractive in any respect although, and neither have been her breasts, it grew to become into greater of a private project for her. As for me, i like all sizes of breasts. =D

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  • 1 decade ago

    honestly as long as they arent too huge i really dont care. Flatcheasted - Rightchested there all the same importance to me. But when you get women whos boobs are too large for their body.. thats when i freak.

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    Not overly. He looks because hes a guy. Its a built in mechanism.

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